Five Questions And A Playlist: Still Parade


The release of Niklas Kramer’s new Still Parade album ‘Soon Enough’ is the culmination of work that began back in his Berlin studio in 2016. Following the release of his debut, ‘Concrete Vision’ and feeling that a change of scenery would energise him, he moved to L.A where a heavy emotional response to the ephemeral West Coast sunsets and the Twin Peaks style decor of his rented accommodation soon seeped into his song writing.

Returning to the grey skies of Berlin as he tried to capture the essence of his previously dreamy surroundings was a stifling reality check and it’s been another full year until the album was complete. Speaking of the experience however Kramer learned that relenting to the idea that getting stuck is sometimes part of the creative process.

The end result is a soaring and layered Beach Boys influenced LP that at under 30 minutes appears and disappears as fleetingly as those L.A sunsets.

Stream the playlist he made us below.

Buy ‘Soon Enough’ here.

Who were your favourite bands / artists at the age of 16?

I was really into Ryan Adams. Everyone compared him to Gram Parsons back then so I had to find out more about Gram and got really into his work. ‘Sweetheart of the Rodeo’, the one he made with the Byrds, is still an album I keep coming back to.

When did you realise music could be a career?

When I recorded my first EP and some music people were reaching out to me.

Do you have a job outside of music?

I decided to go back to school recently. So music is still my “job” and I love making it and things have been good, but I prefer to be a musician under my own terms. And that whole money thing doesn't always help you make the right choices. So I’m working on my plan B right now. I hope that helps me to focus on making the kind of music I want to make and release. I also started this little label called FEEL FLOWS with a friend and can’t wait to release some really cool stuff.

How well is live music music supported in your hometown / city?

Berlin is still a pretty good spot for electronic music in general and it feels like that artists from other genres are carving their own niches in smaller settings as well. It really helps that Berlin is getting more diverse and international. I think that surrounding challenges artists and musicians over here to be more adventurous and interesting as well.

If you could make one change to the music industry to help bands / artists in your position, what would it be?

I read that artists end up with only 12% of what the whole music industry is making. I think a good way to change these numbers could be some to have some sort of funds to support artists to stay independent or work with the people they want to work with.