Talk Talk: An Interview With Fazerdaze

Fazerdaze is the bedroom project of 24-year old, Aukland born Amelia Murray. Her lo-fi musical sensibilities have led to a self-recorded and self-produced debut album picked up by the esteemed New Zealand label Flying Nun. 'Morningside' is littered with reverb drenched personal tales of relationship anxiety. From close friendships to burgeoning love, backed by earworm indie-pop melodies. 

There's an earnestness to the LP both in its construction and its content. The positive reaction has lead to support slots with Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Frankie Cosmos as well as an upcoming UK tour. Murray will be heading over to England in the Autumn and we caught up with her ahead of her headline Moth Club show on Wednesday 4 October to talk about the new record, her hometown and which other NZ artists we should be looking out for. 

Order 'Morningside' via Flying Nun here.
Tickets for her Moth Club show available here


You self-wrote, self-recorded and self-produced your new album in your bedroom. What is your advice to aspiring musicians who are interested in self-recording and producing their own music? 

The only advise I’d have is to do it your own way and then work really hard at that!

Have you noticed any changes in yourself with the transition from bedroom recording to international artist playing major festivals?

I’ve learned to loosen up and relax a lot more. It’s certainly out of my comfort zone playing shows, touring, being on stage etc… but overall it’s really taught me to chill out. It’s sort of became the only option because touring is such a hectic lifestyle and things quite often go wrong and/or not as planned. I used to get so stressed about small stuff but touring and playing shows has taught me to relax and to enjoy the present moment.

A lot of your songs on ‘Morningside’ seem to talk about anxiety in relationships. Is making music a big part of the healing process for you?

Definitely. I had to write and record those songs in order to learn about myself, and to confront myself about things I was feeling insecure about.

What's you favourite Flying Nun release, ever?

Probably The Mint Chicks’ ‘Screens’.

How is the music scene like in New Zealand? What do you enjoy most about your hometown?

The music scene here is cool. I find New Zealand in general a really inspiring place to be. The thing I love most about my hometown Wellington is that my mum still lives there in the house I grew up in.

Which NZ bands should we be looking out for?

I would recommend listening to Gareth Thomas, Merk, Miss June, The Beths, Girlboss and Kane Strang.

Do you have any advice about performing that you have received over the years that have stuck with you since?

To enjoy getting lost in the present moment.

Are you excited about returning to London? ...we are!

Yes! I’m really excited to play Moth Club. Last time I was in London I went to two shows there. Both were amazing. I can’t believe the next time I’ll be there we’ll be playing a headlining show..!

MusicJamal Guthrie