Root Of It All: Gang

In the winter of 2016, Gang’s three members were replaced by inter-dimensional emerald clones known as ‘Doppelgang', quoting "The Earth is a skull and you are the headlice, where will you go when the hair isn’t so nice?". It's clear that the Margate trio's music identity underlines a message for all of us. 

Having shared stages with the likes of Thee Oh Sees, Traams, Kagoule and touring with Chastity Belt this year, the band's latest venture comes in the shape of their debut LP 925 TILL I DIE, to be released on their very own M8s Records.

Ahead of their LP launch at South London's The Montague Arms on Thursday 20 July, we spoke to the band about the influences behind their music and how it has shaped the new record.

'925 TILL I DIE' is available to pre-order here

Black Sabbath

Black sabbath tempted us from our own dimension to earth to understand all of the wonders of humanity. Each of us has spent hours analysing the mastery of each of their albums and we would argue that they are the greatest product of human kind, the 8th wonder of the world.


Green means go. Before religions doled out their dictatorial stances on how to live life there was nature and life and celebrations for all that was natural. There were also trees but they were cut down to make war ships and print money. There was respect for the earth from whence humans came whereas now everyone's trying to destroy it. Also you can smoke it!

The Music Industry

We just love the music industry and the passionate people you find top to bottom. You'll never find anyone involved looking for gimmicks or marketable trends, thank god we have the music industry. Otherwise perhaps we would have never had that riot that the Kaiser Chiefs predicted. Often seen in lanyards, the music industry hero wears their ideology over their heart. But don't chastise them for categorising every band and diluting the whole purpose of performing music live; instead thank them for all they have brought to the little people with their successful capitalisation of art. It's an industry after all and the workers shouldn't have a voice so shut up and let the industry tell you what to like.

Made In Chelsea

Chelsea is the petri dish in which dreams grow. It's a call to arms for all those that love England and its class system and oh my it's damn good tv. We'd like to think that made in Chelsea is akin to westworld and that each of the characters is stuck in a constant loop. We have spent many hours watching made in Chelsea trying to understand the baseless systems in place through out this planet.

Inevitable Daydream

The cosmic answer to life's great mystery. Magical druids, who simultaneously lift your heart and mind high above the clouds, while crushing your frail mortal body beneath the deepest raging sea imaginable. A purifying meditative experience where fear ceases to be, as you and the universe become one in spiritual union.

American Punk

The beginning of a true underground DIY scene, that has never been matched in the UK. Labels like SST and Dischord released numerous bands who had little or no chance of a career in music. Their goal was not financial gain, but to stimulate and join together a community of alternative thinkers, and have fun while they were doing it. Working on something because you care and believe in it a great deal, instead of trying to sell yourself. There is no end goal, the best part is happening right now.

Gang launch the new LP at The Montague Arms on Thursday 20 July. RSVP here

Elina Adibin