Talk Talk: An Interview With Lylo

Throw in a fusion of jazz, rock and pop, and you get Glasgow three-piece LYLO. We first saw them at The Oldhairdressers in Glasgow just last month and it was a statement of a show. Their latest single You Have Your Father’s Eyes emphasises an incredible sax solo and listening to the band live with the instrument brought to life makes it a whole lot more exciting.

An incredible band to watch live and with their debut album Post Era out very soon, Lylo are undeniably this year’s band to watch. If you’ve not had the chance to see these guys yet, the band make their way to London on Wednesday 5 April for a show at The Waiting Room presented by record label Full Time Hobby


How did the band get together?

I went to a nearby school to Jack and Justin. I had met them a handful of times over the years and knew they played music. We were at a party when I got talking to Justin and we decided to organise a jam - it was great and that was that. About 2 years later we asked McCall if he wanted to record some saxophone on 'Handsome Living'. It worked so well that we decided to bring it to the live show and since then he has been a fundamental part of the music. We knew of Niall for years as he was (and still is) a very active member of Glasgow's music scene and we are fans of his other projects. He joined us in December and we couldn't be more happy about it. Now with the 5 of us we feel like our sound is really coming together and can't wait to see where it goes next.

We’re really looking forward to your album Post Era. What can we expect from this record?

We actually self-released a record last year on Bandcamp that was much more lo fi and rustic - since then, the songs from Post Era have developed at there own pace. We were patient with working out tones and trying some new sounds. I think this record embodies more energy and ambition. We're all very happy with it.

What was the most exciting thing about recording the album? Was it all recorded in Glasgow?

We took a whole new approach when recording Post Era, with the central focus being the rhythm section. We recorded the bass and drums over a year ago with our friend Ronan at Gorbals Sound studios. Since then we’ve been recording everything else at home - carefully writing the songs as we go, playing around with arrangements and running wild with synths and samples. The whole process has just given us so much freedom and time to experiment, I guess that was the most exciting thing about making this album.

Is this album based on a theme or anything in particular?

Not particularly. We all played several roles in the making of it and the songs were introduced at different times from different members over the past year or so. The songs all come from different places. I think it encompasses each members writing style pretty well.

Your saxophonist Ian McCall’s sax solo in the new single 'You Have Your Father’s Eyes' is incredible. Was this more of a collective composition or is it purely Ian who composed it himself and incorporated it into the song?

That is all McCall! As is the rest of the saxophone on Post Era. Iain is a total melody machine, so we tend to just kick back and leave him to his own devices. Other than a few structural changes here and there, our involvement with the Sax is pretty much pressing record and doing some production.

What is your connection to Josh Bonati (Iceage, Wild Nothing) who mixed your new single?

Jnr Crawford who runs El Rancho and is a mentor like soul, interned at Captured Tracks a few years ago. They shared space with Mexican Summer and Sacred Bones. All the great records that were coming out were mastered by Josh. Jnr had been speaking to him and when he heard 'YHYFE' he was into it. We sent over the mix and he worked his magic.

How would you differentiate or compare the music scene in Glasgow to London?

It's hard to say really cause we've not spent much time in London and so barely know the scene. I would say Glasgow's scene is maybe more accessible, purely down to the size of the place. Folk we know who have moved to Glasgow have found it so easy to find their feet among the scene cause it's such a close-knit community. But as I said, we don't know much about London's scene so can't really pass comment.

Do you feel the city (Glasgow) offers enough support for musicians/creatives?

Yeah, absolutely. Glasgow has loads of really cool DIY spaces and small venues which contribute greatly to the success of its underground music scene and independent promoters - every week there are amazing, affordable gigs going on!

Also, having the Glasgow School of Art is helpful. It brings so many creative people to town and opens up doors for loads of collaborative projects and events. Most importantly though it's just down to the people - everybody is exceedingly sound and supportive of one another. Being a part of Glasgow's scene feels real good.

Any favourite music releases this year?

The Garden's latest EP 'U want the scoop?' is great.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?

First off we're just so excited to get the new single released and to play these upcoming shows in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Other than that, I guess we're just looking forward to touring more around the UK, hopefully some festivals in summer and if all goes well, mainland Europe later in the year - and of course the release of Post Era!

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