Root Of It All: The Courtneys

Vancouver based trio The Courtneys have been seducing ears with their 90s inspired bedroom pop since the release of their self titled 2013 LP.

They are, of course, first foremost a band but they're also a mood. What could come across as the scrawlings of an angsty teen diary, instead sets the scene for those coming of age moments with a fond sense of nostalgia. First crush, first break up, first dull dead end temp job and all the thoughts and feelings that come with that. 

Their sophomore album The Courtneys II will be released via New Zealand's Flying Nun label on 17 February and ahead of that we grabbed a list of films, foods and settings that have inspired them up to this point. 

Women & Songs compilations 1-4

Women & Songs was a super successful compilation series of female songwriters that was released in Canada in the late 90s. Everyones mom had these cds and now they are readily available at most thrift stores in Canada. These get a lot of repeat play in our tour van. 

The Beach

The beach is the central environment to our band. We love any beach, anywhere, winter or summer, public or secret. If anyone ever invites us to play a show on the beach we will probably say yes. 

Cheese Ramen

This is a wonderful dish that you can only find at Kintaro Ramen on denman street in Vancouver. It's exactly what it sounds like, a bowl of ramen with a gigantic mountain of grated cheese on top. A strategy to eat cheese ramen successfully is necessary, because if you allow the grated cheese to sink into the broth too suddenly it will melt into a blob and its hard to eat once that happens. It takes some practice.


We've had many important band meetings in the hot tub at the YMCA. It's a great place to chill out after eating Cheese Ramen. 

Teenage Fanclub

We were inspired by the production quality and the vibe of Teenage Fanclub's records when making our album "II".

James Turrell's Sky Spaces

James Turrell is an artist who makes these trippy immersive environments that involve light. He has a bunch of them located all over the world. We've been to a few on tour but we hope to cross more off our list on our future travels.

Lost Boys

We watch this movie all the time! And then we wrote a song about it (also called Lost Boys). It reminds me of being a goth teenager. Perfect for sleepovers.