Beats, Rhymes & Life #01

Orlando Julius

Orlando Julius

Beats, Rhymes & Life is a weekly 10 track playlist sharing the music and stories of musicians across the globe.

- Ngozi Family -  

Band leader Paul Ngozi was listed at number 81 in The Zambian Newspaper's list of most popular Zambians behind footballer Robert Earnshaw but ahead of actress Thandie Newton, who incidentally was actually born in London. 

- Awalom Gebremariam -

Awalom Gebremariam - At the age of 29. Awalom settled in the United States following a year's long journey from his home country of Etrea which had been under severe political turmoil. He recorded Desedes while working in a restaurant in North Carolina.

- Ozdemir Erdogan -

The Turkish folk musician graduated from Kadikoy Commercial High School from the military service in 1960. 

- Erkut Taçkin -

Born in Istanbul, Erkut attended the Naval War School on Heybeli Island and began life in music by joining the Young Marines orchestra.

- Tamikrest -

Nine members strong, Tamikrest grew up in the Kidal region in North West Mali during the civil war of 1990 - 1995. When fighting broke out again in 2006, founding members Ousmane Ag Mossa and his friend Cheick Ag Tiglia decided to call attention to the situation through music. 

- Bazali Bam -

The Soweto group's only real appearance on wax comes on the compilation of soul, funk and organ driven grooves on the LP Next Stop...Soweto.

- Orlando Julius -

The Nigerian musician has been credited as one of the pioneers of fusing traditional Highlife music with Western RnB to create what we know as modern Afrobeat. Julius also co-wrote seminal 70s soul hit 'Going Back To My Roots' with Lamont Dozier. 

- Gal Costa -

Turned onto political activism during the Brazlian government's era of censorship, Costa grew up around music with a record store owning father. 

- Colomach -

One of the first Afro-Rock records, the original 1974 release of Colomach is an extremely rare find, although it did get a repress in 2003 by Soundwave Records. The LP is an eclectic blend of music styles based in Nothern Togo, Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali and parts of Nigeria.

- Elias Rahbani -

Younger sibling of the artistic collaboration of the  Rahbani Brothers, Elias was not included due to his young age an inexperience at the time. He did however forge a successful career himself and went on to compose music for the theatre, radio and thousands of TV commercials.

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